Lunch menu



  • 179.00 kr

Grilled bread with Skagenrøre. Served with shrimp, crayfish, mayonnaise, dill, onion and lemon. (H, E, SP, F, M, SD)

Grilled Chicken Quesadillas

  • 179.00 kr

Tortillabread, grilled chicken, spicy pico de gallo and melted cheese. Served with guacamole and sourcream. (M, H)

Vodka Pasta with Scampi

  • 179.00 kr

Pasta in a creamy sauce with scampi. (E, SD, H, M, SN)

Cheddar Cheese Burger

  • 179.00 kr

Burger with melted cheddar, fried onions, cheese sauce, O'Learys hamburger dressing and crispy lettuce. Served with fries. (H,B,E,M,SN,SS****)

Fish & Chips

  • 179.00 kr

Crispy fried fillet of cod with tartare sauce, grilled lemon and fried parsley. Served with fries. (E, F, H, SN, SL)

Caesar Salad

  • 179.00 kr

Romano lettuce, grilled chicken breast fillet, Caesar dressing, crutons and parmesan cheese. (R, H, B, E, F,M,SN)

Club Sandwich

  • 179.00 kr

Sandwich with chicken, bacon, pico de gallo and guacamole. Served with mayonnaise and fries. (H, E, M, SN)

Steak Sandwich

  • 218.00 kr

Tenderloin on grilled sour dough bread, with chipotle bearnaise, spring onions and tomato and leek salad. Served with fries. (R, H, B, E, M, SN)