To make the party personal, we can set aside a separate room for you where we serve food and drink.

We will put together different packages, but you can of course choose to build a package according to your own wishes.

Contact us by phone, e-mail or come by and we will put together a customized package.

Telephone: 35 95 01 75 / e-mail: [email protected]

These packages are intended for children up to and including 13 years.

\For prices, take a look on our Norwegian site

We have the following hours for the packages:

Monday - Thursday at 16-20

Friday at 16-19

Saturday and Sunday at 13-19

If we do something outside of a package, we arrange a kids party beyond the above-mentioned times within the opening hours.

As a general rule, there must be at least 6 children to use the packages, and the prices are per person.

At least one adult per 6 children.

More info to come, and birthday packages will be made!