Not tried before - we'll help you get started, because this is fun!


The aim of the game is to get more points than the opponent. You can do this by either shooting away the opponent's puck or shooting your puck past the opponent to a higher point zone. It is typical to play to 15 points.

Each player (team) has 4 stones each - preferably 4 people per table.

Can also be played four against four, but then you only get one stone each.

You play every second stone and both teams play from the same side. The goal is to get the stone to lie in one of the marked points, 1-4 points, on the other side of the table. If the stone lies on a line, the lower score applies. If the stone hangs halfway on the outside of the table without falling down, then this gives a full 5 points.

Points are only given to the winning team since their stone gets more points than the other team.

The team that first reaches 15 points wins!